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Building a new generation of female entrepreneurs

Struggling to grow your business?

Overwhelmed with too many ideas?

Frustrated with seeing others succeed while you stay stuck?

Then you’re in the right place.

Maybe you’re second guessing yourself and procrastinating big time or maybe you’re overwhelmed with ideas, feeling afraid of being visible and are struggling to focus on one thing?

Calling all coaches, consultants, therapists and entrepreneurs who want to join a new generation of visionary women who want to grow their businesses in half the time.

For years I did courses on marketing strategies, websites and funnels but I just couldn’t get the business working.

I put so much effort in without anything to show for it. Until I realised what was holding me back, my inner game.

Today I teach female entrepreneurs how to get more clients effortlessly, how to create bigger profits and make a bigger impact with ease, grace and authenticity.

My name is Jo Brewin and when I was 19 years old I had the biggest wake- up call that changed my life. While I was studying to be a professional dancer I fell down some stairs and damaged my back. I was devastated. My dancing dream was over. My journey back to health was a long one but I was so impacted by how much I had learnt about myself and how humans tick that I started to share it with others and eventually started my own coaching business.

A few years in, I went from feeling inspired to frustrated because I couldn’t get my business off the ground.

I felt stuck, overwhelmed and was ready to give up! In fact I did at one point. And then the turning point came.

I began to explore a revolutionary understanding of the mind that helped me see how I was sabotaging my own success.

I realised that the foundation of my business was inside me and I needed to develop me, not my business.

Now my mission is to create a new generation of female entrepreneurs who know that building a business and life you love can be more effortless and more simplistic than you think.

years spent finding out how humans tick

simple understanding that can change everything.


of new businesses fail within the first five years


is mindset when it comes to your business success

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1:1 business breakthrough coaching

If you are an action taker, dedicated to making an impact in the world then you could be a good fit for one of my coaching programs.

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A completely different way of growing your business from the inside out.

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The life of a thought is only as long as you think it – Syd Banks

You just have to do it! It is completely different from anything I’ve done before. I cannot believe my luck; it has completely and utterly changed my life. The way I feel now is just so liberating . There is a better way to live!

-Jed Barnes, Entrepreneur 

Its life changing!! In the last 6-8 weeks the shift in me has been enormous. I have written a book that’s being launched this week! Life is so easy. I’m so productive!

- Lindsey Reed, Coach and author of Got it!

I find that my overthinking has completely vanished. I take on new projects without making it too complicated for myself and even my relationships have been simplified.

- Claire Bruford, Writer and entrepreneur 

I found it to be really amazing, life changing actually. It’s not new, it’s obvious. I didn’t realise that it wasn’t the law that you didn’t have to worry about things, so now I don’t. I am sharing my knowledge with other people, who are part of my team. Working with Jo is a no brainer. I can’t recommend it enough!

- Stephen Duffy 

Jo has not only solved the issues that I went through the door with but she has helped me to find a way to know that I will be able to solve my own problems going forward. Jo has exceeded my expectations in every respect and friends and family keep telling me how different I am and how happy I seem. I cannot thank Jo enough for everything that she has helped me with and I would thoroughly recommend Jo to anyone. I feel that whatever your feelings or your problems, Jo can and will have a positive effect. Thank you so much!”

- Lottie Greenhalf 


In just six sessions working with Jo I have seen a big change and even my friends and family have noticed it. I’ve got so much more energy and confidence and the things I went to Jo to change have definitely made an improvement. Jo is a really friendly, warm and caring person and really interesting. I will definitely being seeing her again.” 

- Mandy Good 


“I needed some direction in order to move forwards and make some decisions in my life.  Jo really helped me to do this and gave me the tools to move forwards for the better.  She was amazing and unlocked barriers that I had up.  As a result I have gained more confidence in myself and feel more relaxed as a person after Jo’s sessions.  Jo is an excellent life coach and very easy to talk too. She is also extremely kind and empathetic.” 

- Emily Smith 


What an amazing session, thank you Jo. I feel opened up to great possibilities.

- Sylvia White 


You are a fantastic person with such a calm presence keep doing the good work and getting you message across. All my life I have looked for the happiness to come from outside when all along its been within me why didn’t I see that before! Wow so simple.

- Nigel Rogerson, Business owner


I just wanted to thank you again for the enlightened and truly magical session. I have been feeling so free. I had hoped for some kind of help but honestly and truly I didn’t think it was possible to leave your house feeling so much lighter, and feeling JUST OK! I have never known such a powerful OK before that day. Each day since, I have been feeling more and more energised. Your TIME, your PATIENCE, your words, your honesty and your wisdom are exactly what I needed and where exactly what I got. You are a truly magnificent being Jo and I am eternally grateful.

- Natasha Sharpin, reflexologist 


I felt such a sense of freedom and release. I didn’t have to work really hard. Things have happened without me doing much. Be aware that things will change in a way that you can’t anticipate and it’s a lot more fun than you think it going to be.

- Marina McQueen, Coach, mentor and author


Free video masterclass for female entrepreneurs:

Stop dreaming and start doing

Start now!

Stop dreaming and start doing

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